OIX Certification Internal Workflow Process

Start here: https://open-ix.org/en/certify-me/ and we'll reach out to guide you through the below process.

Step 1 

  • Requesting Organization (RO) sends request, including application and memorandum of understanding (MoU) to ix-group@open-ix.org for OIX-1 Internet Exchange certifications or dc-group@open-ix.org for OIX-2 Data Center certifications.


Step 2

  • Committee chair or vice-chair acknowledge application from @open-ix.org email.
  • Deadline: Three business days
  • Process waiting on: Committee 


Step 3 

  • Committee chair/vice-chair vet application to check for general worthiness.
  • Upon passing, chair/vice-chair request that the ED & Board sends an invoice. 
  • Deadline: Three business days 
  • Process waiting on: Committee 


Step 4 

  • ED or Treasurer sends the invoice to the RO. 
  • Deadline: Three business days 
  • Process waiting on: ED or Treasurer 


Step 5 

  • RO pays the invoice. 
  • Deadline: Not applicable 
  • Process waiting on: RO 


Step 6 

  • ED or Treasurer verify payment and notify Committee that funds have been received. 
  • Deadline: Three business days 
  • Process waiting on: ED or Treasurer 


Step 7 

  • A committee member will perform an initial review of the application and request additional information if needed from the RO.
  • Once all information has been collected, Committee will begin internal review process via email. 
  • Deadline: Seven business days 
  • Process waiting on: Committee and RO 


Step 8 

  • After Committee approves, application is sent to members@open-ix.org with a seven-day deadline to contest 
  • Deadline: Seven business days 
  • Process waiting on: Members 


Step 9 

  • After the seven-day waiting period, and once all member@open-ix.org concerns have been adequately addressed to the satisfaction of the Committee and Board, the Committee will issue a public statement that the RO is now OIX certified. 
  • Deadline: Three business days 
  • Process waiting on: Committee 


Step 10 

  • Marketing Committee (MC) sends RO welcome package containing branding & press release (PR) guide, contact details for PR collaboration, and other relevant information. 
  • Deadline: Three business days 
  • Process waiting on: MC 


Step 11 

  • MC to update Open-IX Certification Directory to include RO. 
  • Deadline: Five business days 
  • Process waiting on: Board 
  • Total process time: Around six weeks, depending on how long it takes RO to pay invoice. 
  • Prepared by: Sagi Brody (sbrody@open-ix.org), Matt Griswold (grizz@open-ix.org) and Chris Phillips (cmp@open-ix.org) 
  • Created: June 16, 2017 
  • Last modified: June 30, 2017 


Download Certification Process PDF