Open-IX OIX-2 Certification is a best-in-class and first ever global certification for data centers desiring to serve as points of network interconnection. OIX-2 Certification sets a minimum level of service, SLA and engineering for data centers. OIX-2 was developed by the broad consensus of world-class data center managers, engineers and their customers. It sets the standard for massive-scale interconnection supporting facility performance, resiliency and reliability for all that need to be able to reliably interconnect networks.

Data center application fee is $5,000 for 1-2 locations, $4,000 per location for 3-4 locations and $3,000 per location for 5 or more locations. Each building should have a separate application, but, in coordination with Open-IX, payment by a single wire may be sent for all of the buildings combined. Example: If you are applying for certification for four data centers with two in Chicago, one in London and one in Sao Paolo your fee would be $4,000 * 4= $16,000.00 and you would submit four applications.

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Data Center Certification Requirements

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