Open-IX OIX-1 Certification is a best-in-class and first ever global certification for Internet Exchange Points. OIX-1 Certification sets a minimum level of service and engineering and was developed by the broad consensus of world-class IXP managers, engineers and their customers. OIX-1 Certification sets the Data Center and Network Operator, Interconnection Strategists and Peering Coordinator-defined standard for massive-scale interconnection, performance, resiliency and reliability for all networks that need to be able to efficiently interconnect networks. 

IXP application fee is $1,000 per market with <= 35 members, and $2,500 per market with <= 75 members. Markets with > 76 members are $5,000 per market for 1-2 markets, $4,000 per market for 3-4 markets and $3,000 per location for 5 or more markets. Geographic service region is defined as reasonably associated with a metropolitan or general service area. Each service area should have a separate application, but, in coordination with Open-IX, payment by a single wire may be sent combining fees for all applications. Example: If you are applying for certification for IXPs in the Washington, DC, London and Johannesburg areas each with > 76 members the application fee would be $4,000 * 3 = $12,000.00. IXP member levels are assessed annually at certification time, and do not change certification pricing during the year if the number of members changes.

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IXP Certification Technical Requirements

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For an application for IXP Certification, please click here (you will be taken to a Google Form).


Benefits of Connecting to an OIX-1 Certified IXP

Open-IX membership provides benefits to more than data center  and Internet exchange operators. Open-IX facilitates the  ecosystem developed around an Internet exchange, creating  both educational and business opportunities for all participants.



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Non-Profit/Community Supported IX Certifications:

Open-IX values consistency and transparency for all Data Centers and Internet Exchanges (IXs), no matter their size or financial situation. Being a community based organization ourselves, we realize that it can be hard to find the resources to commit to every opportunity. That is why Open-IX is now offering certifications for community supported Internet Exchanges at no cost! 

This is an exciting opportunity for smaller, community supported IXs to show that they can offer the same infrastructure and support that much larger, commercial exchanges do. 

To qualify and be considered for a free OIX-1 Certification, IX’s must have a maximum yearly revenue of $100,000 US or local equivalent and cannot be owned or controlled by a colocation provider. 

Please see the below document for the full requirements and contact us at [email protected] today to get started on your Open-IX certification!

IXP Technical Requirements OIX-1 Non Profit (1).pdf