2020 Board Candidates

Dec. 1, 2020

Bryan Brooks

Bryan is Vice President of Carrier and Wholesale Services for Pavlov Media. The company provides internet and tv to over 300,000 students in apartments on university campuses.   Bryan oversees the firm's bandwidth products including its national backbone as well as its wired and wireless content delivery.  He is responsible for Pavlov's peering and interconnect including over two hundred telco, cableco, dark fiber, content, and wireless carriers nationwide.  Pavlov Media fosters grass-roots interconnect wherever possible in order to help push content as close as possible to the end user. 

Matt Griswold

Matt Griswold is currently CTO for United IX, an Internet exchange in Chicago, runs a software company, 20C, and serves on the board for Open-IX. He has been instrumental in launching several technology companies, playing key roles in development, networking and system administration. Mr. Griswold is passionate about peering and Internet communities and has volunteered for many organizations including Euro-IX, NANOG, Open-IX and PeeringDB. He has also been known to enjoy automating everything he can find. He served on the board for the last couple years, before that as Chairman for the IX Group. "I'm excited about all we've accomplished and would love to continue to help the organization to move forward."

Aaron Hughes

Aaron Hughes is a veteran technologist and entrepreneur who has served on the Open-IX Board since 2017.

He also serves the Internet Engineering community in many elected and volunteer roles including serving as the current President of PeeringDB (since 2015), former ARIN Board of Trustees (6 years), and PeeringDB Admin (10+ years).

He also serves on several commercial advisory boards.

In addition, Aaron is the President and CEO of 6connect, Inc. a network automation & provisioning software company. He is also the Chief Network Architect at UnitedLayer, LLC.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aa<wbr></wbr>ronhaaronh/

Arnold Nipper

My reason to run for the Open-IX is to bring my experience in running a
very successful IXP (DE-CIX) and being involved in the community (RIPE, NANOG,
PeeringDB, DENOG, Euro-IX, IX-F) for decades. A minor aspect also is to bring
a bit of non-US flavour to the board. With this background, I would concentrate
on the IXP part of Open-IX and primarily work on more IXP certifications.
Having a Diploma in Mathematics with minors in Computer Science and Physics, I
started my career at the University of Karlsruhe as a Research Assistant working on
the first German Internet connection. This project led to a spin-off of one of
the first German commercial ISP where I served as CTO for several years until
I took over the role as CTO/COO of DE-CIX. Since 01/2016 I'm Chief Technology
Evangelist at DE-CIX. Being involved in PeeringDB since 12/2008, I served as a
Board Member from 12/2015 until 05/2019.  I'm still helping out on several
committees. I'm also a founding member, Board Member and Treasurer of DENOG.


Eli Scher

Eli D. Scher is an investor with a deep analytical skill set developed across a broad range of securities and industries.  He is also an operator, who has invested in and built Technology Media and Telecommunications businesses in both China and the United States.  He was most recently the founder and CEO of two greater Chicago digital infrastructure assets: New Continuum Data Centers and United Internet Exchange before selling those businesses to SBA Communications in July 2019.  In that role he re-developed a high-performance data center, constructed a fiber network and internet exchange fabric and grew critical load to over 1MW.  Scher continues to consult SBA Communications while actively seeking new digital infrastructure investments.  He is currently the Chairman of Open-IX, a data center and internet exchange standards organization.  Additionally, he serves on the board of directors of HMMI, a closely-held, oversize precision steel parts fabricator.