Open-IX Seeks Website Redevelopment

Nov. 19, 2020


Open-IX Association (“Open-IX”) is a non-profit organization that works to promote community developed technical and operating standards for Data Centers and Internet Exchanges. We are looking for a website redevelopment for both a UI redesign as well as added backend features.

Company Background-

Since 2014, Open-IX has encouraged the proliferation of interconnection by the development, implementation and certification of transparent technical and operating standards, to create more resilient and efficient global internet infrastructure.

Core Objectives for Frontend Work-

A redesign of the main landing page which would include but is not limited to; clarifying what the organization does/stands for, what certifications we offer, why someone would want to be certified and our value prop. In addition, the “standards” and “certification” sections should be combined into one easy to use and understand page. The site needs to be more concise overall and more user friendly. 

Core Objectives for Backend Work-

Create and implement a database-backed directory of certified facilities and exchanges, which links with PeeringDB and is API-driven for certification verification.

Automation of self-certify process, which would auto-populate the directory mentioned above.

Implement structure for canonical links for hosted file structure.

Integrate BCOP onto site (need to be able to include and render markdown from git)

The site uses Django and we would ideally like to stay with this.    

The site has grown organically, with information being added as we have grown. There are areas on the current site with redundant and or hard to find information. We are looking to start from scratch, simplifying the site and making everything cohesive. Now that the organization has existed for 6+ years we have a clearer focus and a better understanding of how the site is being used.

All questions and inquiries are welcome! Contact