Open-IX Update in the State of the Edge Report

March 11, 2021

See The State of the Edge Report

The Open-IX Association (Open-IX) is a non-profit industry association that  promotes the expansion and proliferation of interconnection and internet exchange points (IXPs), primarily through advocacy, standards and tools.

2020 was a big year for tools and standards at Open-IX. In June, we launched the beta version of our much anticipated Interconnection Navigator (, which allows industry practitioners, analysts and researchers to explore the explosive growth of Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) This interactive tool  leverages publicly available data from PeeringDB to build graphical representations of how interconnection has evolved over selectable time periods and geographies. Offering granularity down to individual data centers and IXPs, the Interconnection Navigator is designed to be used by research analysts, industry executives and infrastructure procurement teams. 

As an Accredited Standards Developer under The American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Open-IX officially submitted it’s two infrastructure standards for consideration in 2020.  Both of these standards were accepted by ANSI:

OIX-1 for Internet Exchanges: Accepted by ANSI in June of 2020, this specification which governs technical, physical and operational standards is the first ever global certification for Internet Exchange Points. OIX-1 Certification sets a minimum level of service and engineering and ensures fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory access to interconnection services. OIX-1 was developed by a broad consensus of world-class IXP managers, engineers and their customers.

OIX-2 for Data Centers: Accepted by ANSI in September of 2020, this standard which represents a high engineering standard for concurrent maintainability and open access is the first global certification for data centers desiring to serve as points of network interconnection. OIX-2 Certification sets a minimum level of service and engineering for data centers, and ensures fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory access to interconnection services. OIX-2 was developed by the broad consensus of world-class data center managers, engineers and their customers.

Open-IX recognizes that edge computing will have an important impact on interconnection. To address this evolving dynamic, Open-IX has continued and expanded the work of its Edge Committee which is in the process of creating Edge Data Center standards. These edge standards will empower and inform stakeholders as they manufacture, procure and deploy data processing infrastructure for applications residing in non-traditional environments. This effort has received broad support from a constituency including edge data center operators, manufacturers and consumers, and we plan to release the work of the committee in the coming months and eventually submit it to become an ANSI standard as well.

As a volunteer-led and powered organization, Open-IX is always seeking broader engagement.  To get involved, either through volunteering or sponsorship or through certification, please see our website at or contact us at [email protected]