Open-IX Strategic Objectives (2021 – 2022)  


Based on the guidance provided by the Board, Open-IX performs  its mission in accordance with the following goals and principles:  

1. Grow and retain the certified entities (10 new OIX1 / 20 new  OIX2). 

2. Automate and streamline the onboarding process.  

3. Obtain sponsorship of $50k for the purpose of educational  seminars and tracks, new website, marketing, RFP  generation and continued ANSI certification. 

4. Enable Open-IX community access to governance and  discussion email lists. 

5. Increase library of published interconnection and community engagement content. 

6. Revise and socialize value proposition. 

7. Continue to form and execute strategic partnerships with  analysts, other certification organizations, and appropriate  directory services 

8. Establish 2-year operating reserve for the long-term stability  of the organization.