Open-IX 2017 Strategic Plan

Open-IX Strategic Direction (2017 – 2018)

Based on the guidance provided by the Board, Open-IX performs its mission in accordance with the following goals and principles:

1. Encourage support of Open-IX via membership

2. Grow and retain the certified entities

3. Educate the community on interconnection

4. Encourage new entrants in the interconnection space

5. Evangelize the use of Open-IX and protect and enhance the brand

6. Define value proposition to various constituencies

7. Develop and strengthen relationships with datacenter, operator and peering forums

8. Form strategic partnerships with certified entities, brokers, analysts, other certification organizations, and appropriate directory services

9. Recover costs in a fair and equitable manner as set by the Board, including maintaining adequate funds for long-term stability

10. Keep Open-IX community informed about updates to certifications, activities, and events



2017 - 2018 Organizational Objectives

• Hire an ED or service equivalent (completed; Aiste B. started 4/17/2017)

• Maintain accountability to the membership

• Support Open-IX Marketing efforts

• Provide regular benefits to membership including content, education and events.

• Educate on successes of certified entities

• Publish end-users who are requesting certification

• Publish certification applications on the website in a timely manor

• Streamline onboarding process

• Invest in sales and marketing for certification

• Publish BCOPs and whitepaper(s)

• Outreach to broader community

• Support committee needs and encourage active participation

• Maintain accountability to the committee chairs

• Evaluate forums to contribute content in and participate where possible

• Co-host events with certified entities in their sub-markets

• Broker education / content specifically targeted to broker community

• Develop outreach program for Wall St. analysts and other certification organizations and directory services

• Write an annual budget

• Build a reserve of 2 years of operational funds for the long- term stability of the organization

• Conduct one general member meeting before Oct each year

• Conduct one election each year prior to Nov 1

• Revitalize AIS event to happen in 2018

• Define and publish the application and renewal process for certifications